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What is CRPTL

CRPTL is a project centered around the creation and collection of virtual personas generated by artificial intelligence, known as CRPTL-players. Every player is generated in real-time and their face and characteristics are encoded in an NFT's seed on the Ethereum blockchain. With CRPTL, users can create new players, buy or sell existing ones, and participate in the growing community of enthusiasts. The project is limited to a total of 5555 players, making each CRPTL-player absolutely exclusive.

The difference from traditional NFTs

Typically, NFTs do not inherently include specific information defining the artwork they represent, such as photos, videos, music, and so on. Instead, the token simply contains a link to an external resource where the corresponding file is stored, be it in a centralized or decentralized manner. However, CRPTL takes a different approach. Each CRPTL token incorporates a unique seed that acts as the source of all information defining the player. This seed can be likened to DNA, as it encompasses all the defining characteristics of an individual. In essence, possessing a CRPTL NFT, not only confirms your ownership of the player, but also grants you the ability to recreate it at any given moment using the neural network.

Player, characteristics and AI-generation

Each CRPTL player is created in real-time with unpredictable appearance and characteristics. A unique seed number is generated during the creation process to fully define their identity, and this number is recorded in an associated NFT. The smart contract includes methods to calculate the following characteristics based on the first part of the seed:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Skill
  • Pace
  • Physical
  • Position
  • Rating
The AI takes the second part of the Seed as input and from it generates a player's face. It's worth noting that the same seed will always produce the same face. However, a particular face can be generated from only one specific seed.

The player's face, total score, and badges are stored in the NFT's metadata, which can be accessed via the NFT's unique URI.

If you want to learn more about AI and player's generation, please visit our tech page.Go to tech page

Player card

The script incorporates a visual representation of the player, known as the player card, based on all the characteristics mentioned above and the player’s face. For example, the background and color accent of the card are determined by the "total" indicator. The player's first name, last name, and digital indicators are simply transferred to the card.

The player card is included in the NFT's metadata and is used for display on wallets, marketplaces, and the CRPTL website.


Players with rare characteristics may have the following badges:
Badge Name Description
paw skill 45 or less
master skill 90 or higher
cake physical 45 or less
olymp physical 90 or higher
sloth pace 45 or less
flash pace 90 or higher
jelly total 38 or less
marty total 97 or higher

How to create player

To get started with creating a player, you'll need to have a Metamask wallet set up. Once you have installed and connected your Metamask wallet, head over to the "Create" page and click on the button. Your player will be created, and the process usually takes around 60 seconds to complete. Keep in mind that high network activity or selecting a lower gas price may cause the transaction to take longer than expected. Don't worry if you need to close your browser or shut down your computer, the player creation process will continue uninterrupted in the background.

How much does the player cost?

The cost of creating each new player increases by 0.001 ETH, so player #18 costs 0.018 ETH, and player #893 costs 0.893 ETH.

As mentioned before, it typically takes around 60 seconds to create a player, so the number of players created and the current cost may be slightly delayed, especially if multiple players are created simultaneously. Therefore, your transaction may be rejected with a “low value” error. If this happens, just try again.


When you create a player on the Ethereum blockchain, there are calculations involved, for which you'll be charged a small fee called Gas. Your Metamask wallet will provide you with the recommended Gas price for creating a player. The CRPTL team doesn't charge any additional fees for selling, or transferring CRPTL-players.


Each CRPTL player is defined by a unique seed. However, since marketplaces can't interpret this seed, we've created special parameters in the NFT’s metadata to represent various player characteristics such as face, skill, position, and more. This ensures that your players will be displayed in the wallets and on all popular marketplaces such as OpenSea.

What happens if you close the page while creating a CRPTL-player

After you click on the Create Player button and the transaction is sent, you can safely close the browser tab or turn off your computer. Your player will be automatically created, you just won't see the nice animation :). Go to your wallet or CRPTL website after 5-10 minutes to see your player.