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True vision of NFT

Create, collect, buy and sell unique CRPTL-players generated with AI from NFT seeds

Whats going on

crptl - what's going on in project
CRPTL is a project that allows you to generate unique collectibles called CRPTL-players. They are created by AI and stored as NFTs on Ethereum blockchain. Each player is one-of-a-kind and generated in real-time, so no one knows what the next one will look like. In total, only 5,555 players can be released .
Player is the embodiment of its token
Players completely unique
Created in real time
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The token completely defines the face and all the characteristics of the player. Even if marketplaces or all online storage systems stop working, you can recover your player from a token seed .
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crptl - project is working on Ethereum blockchain
The CRPTL project utilizes the highly efficient and secure Ethereum blockchain. Its implementation of the proof-of-stake algorithm enables reduced commissions during player creation .
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To create a player, attach your Ethereum wallet and visit the creation page.
Each subsequent player will cost an additional 0.001 ETH
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